Setting Up Simple Systems in Dubsado to Create a Profitable, Streamlined Business

Are you stressed out by how much time you spend in the backend of your business? Is it taking away valuable time from doing the work you actually love? Have you looked into a business management platform, but it's overwhelmed you with where to start and how to set it up?

Look no further! Dubsado is THE system that will help you manage your business and your clients in one place, and this course will help save you hours of time trying to figure out how to use it. Whether it's you learning how to set up Dubsado for your business, or sharing this course with your VA or OBM to do it for you, this easy, simple guide will have your business automated and streamlined in no time.

While I LOVE Dubsado, I don't feel like it's the most intuitive platform to set up. Once you get it set up and understand how it can work for you and your business, you will LOVE it. It will totally change your life.

So don't waste the time trying to figure it out - I walk you through exactly what you need to set up and how to do it in this course!

Most videos are less than 10 minutes long, and then entire course from introduction to wrap up is less than an hour and a half of your time! The longest video is just under 17 minutes. That's less than 2 episodes of Tiger King that you've been binge watching while quarantined #youknowimright ;) I've kept this short and simple, yet effective in order to give you a step-by-step guide that will help you transform your business in no time.

How will this change my business?

  • You'll gain back HOURS OF TIME for your business each month by creating automations in your business that work FOR you
  • More freedom and flexibility to focus on the things that only YOU can do, therefore making you MORE money
  • A transformed client experience! Your clients will immediately feel nurtured and taken care of from day one
  • You'll be able to reduce the number of software and services used in your business into ONE platform
  • You'll have the ability to take on MORE by doing LESS
  • Stand out as professional and organized - like you actually have your shit together!
  • Less day-to-day stress to do #allthethings

I've worked behind the scenes of many six figure businesses and set up Dubsado up for almost ALL of my clients. I've seen first hand the dramatic change in their productivity, their clients confidence and how much time this platform has given them back to work in their zone of genius. Time and time again it shocks me how many entrepreneurs are truly wasting precious time and holding themselves back from the next level business they desire because of faulty, or nonexistent, systems and processes. Don't let that be you!!

Client Testimonial

“Katelyn helped me systematize my client workflow and since then I have saved HOURS per client. Prior to working with her, I was using Dubsado inefficiently, and not even close to its full capacity. I had no idea it was capable of the type of workflows she set up for me. I have the capacity to take on at least 5 more clients per month than I was previously because I finally have the systems in place to handle the workload.” - Jaye Whitehead, Jaye Bird

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